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          1. Delivery

            Emergency Hotline

            Delivery date

            my company has a clearly defined delivery date, a good delivery date management system

            1, order review time. After receiving the sales order, we need to confirm the quality, Delivery, quantity, price, currency, amount, payment, packing, transportation, destination, contact, contact, etc. .

            2. Order entry time. Record the approved order into the system and file it for follow-up.

            3. Production planning time. According to the sales forecast, sales plan and delivery plan, the planner will confirm the production plan through capacity, material, quality and process.

            4. Incoming material inspection and storage time. Enterprises should establish a clear process to arrange raw materials or outward processing products incoming inspection and storage, and through the improvement of the system to achieve information flow and efficiency.

            5. Lead time. Production plan should be prepared as soon as possible, such as material preparation, work instruction, production procedures, equipment and equipment installation and adjustment, product inspection preparation. In order to improve the speed of production preparation, enterprises should establish the sharing mechanism of plan and the quick feedback mechanism of production preparation.

            6. Production time. After all preparations have been completed, the production begins to run, and the specific production operation time is also related to the material status, production process, product quality, equipment and equipment operating conditions. In the production process, production management staff in the production arrangements and personnel management at the same time, the need to contact the relevant departments to continuously improve the manufacturing process, improve the operator’s operational proficiency, timely solve all problems in the production process.

            7. Product Inspection and storage time. It is also very important to inspect and store the products after production. The simplification of the process, the smooth flow of information and the scientific design of the internal logistics are good ways to improve the related operation.

            8. Delivery and logistics time. The Enterprise shall establish a clear procedure to make systematic arrangements for the pre-shipment transportation arrangements, the preparation of customs declaration, the issuance of shipping instructions, the pre-shipment preparation of the warehouse, and the logistics and customs tracking after shipment, and make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of information and timely processing of problems.

            9. Other time slots. In the commitment to Delivery also take into account a variety of uncertainties, such as climate change, production anomalies.

            EXAMPLE: less than 50 units, order confirmation to delivery time is 25 days; 100 units order confirmation to delivery time is 30 days; 200 units order confirmation to delivery time is 35 days (model is commonly used specifications, the actual delivery cycle please consult the regional sales responsible)

            Contact number


            (021) 63816648

            (021) 63814858


            (020) 84290686


            (0371) 86182570


            (0451) 88007500


            (0531) 80951129


            (028) 87681740


            (0510) 82406881


            (027) 87791808


            (024) 82829073


            (029) 89612970





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